Napier Show Home


September 2019

Our beautiful show room has been completed and is now open for public viewing.

April 2019

The team at Betterbuilt have been busy working away on the show home in Taradale. BCG weather board and duragroove has been fitted to the exterior and is ready for painting. The interior has made progress with wiring and plumbing installed along with insulation in walls and ceilings. Interior linings (Gib board) has been fixed and stopped. It is now ready for finishing timber to be fitted.

November 2018

The team at Betterbuilt are currently working on construction of a show home located in Taradale, Napier. Frames and trusses have been stood up, fastened and roof fitted. Durabarrier has been fastened to the outside to aid weather proofing and doors and windows have been fitted and secured.

September 2018

With block foundation and underfloor installation as part of the foundations. As of the beginning of September the foundations have been laid, floor has been poured and cut. The frames have been stood up ready for straightening and fastening.